The secure cloud, for a secure application.

From today, opt for the security and speed of your IT infrastructure
by choosing eHeberg as your cloud & cybersecurity provider.

Intelligent systems

Our services are equipped with the latest technology, allowing security and and speed.

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Our fast assistance

Contact our assistance from your customer area and get an answer within an hour.

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Computer security

Cybersecurity is a priority. Thanks to our protections, we block any attempts to attack us.

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Complex network

Thanks to a complex network, access your accommodation from any country.

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Technology is coming to eHeberg.

Our mission: To make the Internet better, and to enhance computer communication.

Founded in 2021, eHeberg is an IT service provider. Created and managed by passionate people, it is dedicated to selling hosting at unbeatable prices. Our number one priority is customer service in order to feel accompanied during during the development of your project.

  • Advanced security
  • Intuitive panels
  • Quick support
  • Open 7/7

Every day, we do our utmost to offer you the best deals at the lowest prices. low prices. Host your project now on our servers in the EU and take advantage of our our advantages and our fast support.

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Our goal is to offer excellence.

eHeberg focuses on the combination of speed and reliability to offer advanced solutions to its customers. solutions to its customers.

Instant delivery

Our IT platform ensures the immediate delivery of our services upon confirmation of confirmation of payment.

Precise statistics

It is important to carefully monitor your hosting to ensure efficient and optimal management management.

Progressive documentation

Our documentation is constantly growing to offer optimal support to our clients in their support our clients in their needs.


Our entire infrastructure is monitored via dedicated software, thanks to this, our team always keeps an eye on it.

Rapid assistance

Support and assistance to our customers is the priority, get a response within one hour on all within one hour on all our subscriptions.


Due to cutting-edge technologies, our whole infrastructure is securely protected against cyber hackers.

The eHeberg association was created in 2021.

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Of course, support is included in all our offers.

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Our infrastructure is monitored and maintained to avoid any problems.



Our infrastructure is equipped with powerful servers to avoid any overload.



The latest technology protects you 24 hours a day for optimal security.