Why choose us?

Why choose eHeberg?

Speed of our support.

At eHeberg, speed and efficiency are our priorities. We develop our systems every day with the goal of making communication with our staff efficient and fast.

  • Quick support
  • Complete documentation
  • Competent technicians
  • Computer security

With our systems, get an answer to your ticket within one business hour.
At eHeberg, we believe that customer support should be one of the priorities of a company, that's why at eHeberg we are in the objective to give the feeling of confidence to our customers thanks to our different support approaches.

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Computer security

Cyber defense at the heart of eHeberg.

All our computer servers are protected by the latest technology.

  • Maintained
  • Monitored
  • Detection of intrusion attempts
  • 1.3 Tbps DDoS mitigation

The Internet is a vulnerable network, where thousands of computers are hacked every second. Thanks to our technologies, we keep an eye on any attempt to intrude or harm the systems. Thanks to our service providers & partners, all eHeberg servers benefit from an optimal DDoS protection of 1.3 Tbps. Our entire server park is monitored and protected.

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Our infrastructure is monitored and maintained to avoid any problems.



Our infrastructure is equipped with powerful servers to avoid any overload.



The latest technology protects you 24 hours a day for optimal security.